Real-Time Personnel Tracking

In-Tech offers a Real-Time Personnel Tracking solution that seamlessly integrates video and RFID/Bluetooth network location signals, providing a dynamic display on the E-Mapping platform.

This comprehensive solution encompasses various device options, such as standard RFID/Bluetooth Readers and Smart A.I Cameras equipped with integrated RFID/Bluetooth Readers, tailored to meet specific user requirements. The transmission range is adjustable, spanning from 5 meters to 30 meters, enabling the detection of multiple tags within this range.

The RFID/Bluetooth Tags are equipped with an optional emergency button, enabling them to actively transmit panic alarms to the control room when triggered. Upon alarm activation, security personnel or operators can promptly pinpoint the alarm’s location and monitor the real-time situation through the cameras situated near the individual in distress.

Real-Time Personnel Tracking

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