The Internet of Things has made it easier than ever to set up a smart home in which you can use your smartphone and an app to manage anything in your home remotely. It's also made it simple (and reasonably inexpensive) to keep an eye on your house from almost anywhere. The mobile app provides a wide range of functions, including alerting, monitoring, smart linkage, emergency reporting, and alarm monitoring, to help you easily build a smart security and monitoring system. It makes life more easier and convenient, which can use voice control commands to realize video-call, real-time intercom and other functions through Alexa Echo, Google Home, etc.


When a visitor comes at the door, a video doorbell sends an alert to the homeowner's smartphone or other electronic device. It activates when a visitor pushes the doorbell's button, or when the doorbell's built-in motion sensors detect a visitor. It will send alerts to your phone, tablet, and PC when someone presses your doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors. You can see, hear, and speak to guests from anywhere when you respond to the notice.



Smart cameras always keep your home safe and secure. When you are not at home, the cameras monitor easily-intruded places such as doors and windows in real time. You can instantly check what is happening at home with your mobile app. Cameras can recognize unexpected events through the built-in smart analysis function and push messages to your mobile app. The built-in recording function and cloud storage supports playback at any time without missing any information.


The smart home alarm system is a fully wireless burglar alarm system which consists of a host and various wireless front-end detectors/sensors. The wireless front-end detectors can be divided into door sensor, PIR motion sensor, smoke detector, gas leak detector, alarm siren and other equipment. It can manage and monitor by mobile app and puts comprehensive home security at your fingertips. Users can enjoy voice control functions which are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Traditional automatic gates can only be opened manually or with the help of a remote control. This is inconvenient because if your controller's battery dies, you won't be able to open the autogate. However, as compared to standard autogate, the WiFi autogate offers more convenience. The mobile APP, voice commands, controllers, and switches can all be used to control the WiFi autogate. With your smartphone, you can control your autogate from anywhere in the world. As a result, even if you are not at home, you can open the autogate for your family members and friends.


Smart plug is a switch that you plug into a power socket, which you then plug another device into. You use it like you would an adapter. You can control it via a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi and internet, or with voice controls through Alexa, Google Home or Siri.

  • Control your home appliances at anytime and anywhere, customize your schedules for daily use 

  • Energy-saving and safe, reduce equipment wasting electricity, while effectively preventing high-power equipment from heating by using too much power, protecting the working life of the equipment


A Smart IR Controller is a universal and easy-to-use device that allows you to control your home's infrared devices like television, fan and air-conditioner from anywhere. AI voice control, smart scenario control, WiFi connection and APP remote control, provide your smart home more convenience and surprise.


Smart lighting is lighting that you can control from an app, usually on your Apple or Android phone. The app enables you to change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have coloured LEDs you can change their colours too. That opens up a whole world of possibilities, which you might call light recipes: you might have one light recipe for watching movies, another for dinnertime, and yet another for reading. Switching from one recipe to another is as simple as tapping a smartphone or yelling at your favourite voice-activated personal assistant.


You’d be surprised at how much curtains matter in the house! Aside from keeping the peeping Toms out , they play an important role in décor by creating ambience and pulling the room together—kind of like rugs. So how do smart curtains come into play? Well, it’s not a complicated concept: Smart curtains are regular curtains, except fitted with a motor and allowing remote access within apps that control the curtains’ placement depending on need. All in all, they’re pretty smart and intuitive devices.