In-Tech offers a Real-Time Personnel Tracking solution that seamlessly integrates video and RFID/Bluetooth network location signals, providing a dynamic display on the E-Mapping platform. This comprehensive solution encompasses various device options, such as standard RFID/Bluetooth Readers and Smart A.I Cameras equipped with integrated RFID/Bluetooth Readers, tailored to meet specific user requirements. The transmission range is […]

Easy to use in these flexible. Compact with multi-functional solutions with ultra-4K resolution, accurate on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, and wireless screen projection. Satisfying the needs of a variety purposes such as for remote collaboration and education scenarios. Always be ready for your conferences, workshops, and other applications. Comes with a wide range of remote

Whether you need an LED wall for a stunning atrium or a digital signage solution for wayfinding it will always bring your vision to life and illuminate the possibilities. Multi functions for LED displays as below:- Easy system adjustment with intuitive, remote control Extended lifespan with automatic dehumidification Effective eye protection by filtering over 90%

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